Meet Our Team

Arslan Asghar

Director | Founder

I am extremely honored to be a part of a young team which has decided to embark on this journey with a short period of time, we have made a monumental leap from a dream that had to this thriving, website designing and consultation family.Every opportunity to work with us that we were abIe to give to the community was a reward on its own. Every single addition to team of talented designers who have spent their sweat and blood in making it whatever we are today is our achievement.I look forward to a future together where we continue to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our company. 

Usama Shaukat

Managing Director | CTO

We attract meritorious employees and provide the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. We ensure a congenial work environment, free from discrimination or favoritism. We train our employees to rise to the highest level of their individual potential. Employees are our most precious assets and empowering them is the secret of our success.
Our suppliers are chosen from those who comply with the laws of employment and protection of the environment. We encourage and assist our suppliers in becoming more efficient. We ensure that our suppliers provide us materials that conform to the highest standards.

Adil Mushtaq

Sr. Web Developer

Arif Mahmood

Sr. Web Developer

Madiha Ahsan

Software Engineer

Raza Baari

Product Tester

Mohsin Javed

UI/UX Designer

Nouman Ali

SEO Specialist

Shabir Ahmad

Graphics Designer

Sehar Naveed Khan

Marketing Specialist

Behroz Nadir

Jr. Software Engineer