We present

Smoke n Roll


Smoke n Roll is one of its kind in Sargodha. A chaye cafe with BBQ and Fast Food along with a quiet and cozy ambience, it provides unforgettable experience to foodies. Especially soulful Qawali Nights every week.


Smoke n Roll had a low social media presence when we took over this project. Furthermore, the brand’s social media accounts weredead, with no activity related to user engagement or interaction. Our main challenge was helping jump-start the business’s social media accounts, attracting more users, and reaching potential customers. As a part of our campaign, we targeted engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


Being in charge of the social media for Smoke n Roll, our responsibilities included analyzing our competitors in order to come up with the best strategy, creating campaigns to boost the online presence of Smoke n Roll on several platforms, developing the content needed to create engaging posts on all social media platforms, and interacting with and responding to user queries. Page Reach: page visits post reach Initial 300 current 62000 i 52 c 4200 i 240 c 9000 Page likes eng followers i 59 c 4900 i 810 c 4800 i 77 c 9200 Instagram: Total Posts: post reach; stories I 2 c 43 i 20 c 2700 i 1 c 67 Post eng: comments visitors I 12 c 1400 i 3 c 243 i 34 c 783