We present

Fri Chicks


Fri Chicks is Pakistan’s most famous Fast Food Chain providing Finest, Healthiest and best tasting food Since 2003. They Specialize in Fried chicken and Burgers. At Cavalry Ground they have opened their brand new Franchise, whose Social Media Marketing was appointed to TechDot Solutions.


Fri Chicks had a low social media presence when we took over this project. Furthermore, the brand’s social media accounts were inactive, with no activity related to user engagement or interaction. Our main challenge was helping jump-start the business’s social media accounts, attracting more customers, and generating business leads. As a part of our campaign, we targeted engagement on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms provided us with the channels needed to engage the audience for Fri Chicks and bring in new business.


Managing Fri Chick’s social media included analyzing our competitors to develop the best strategy, developing campaigns to boost Fri Chick’s online presence across several platforms, designing mouth watering food posts to attract customers, interacting and responding to users. Our team researched all different fast food restaurants in Lahore. This offered us a substantial amount of information that was necessary to devise an effective strategy for the campaigns. As a result of our efforts, the social media platforms for Fri Chicks, gained a substantial online presence. Page Reach: page visits post reach Initial 500 current 42000 i 42 c 2200 i 200 c 7000 Page likes eng followers i 55 c 4500 i 110 c 2500 i 70 c 5200 Instagram: Total Posts: post reach; stories I 2 c 43 i 20 c 2700 i 1 c 67 Post eng: comments visitors I 12 c 1400 i 3 c 243 i 34 c 783