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Daily Fresh
Daily Fresch


Daily Fresh is a fruit and vegetables delivery business. Working offline for a decade and when they decided to go online they chose TechDot Solutions. Based out in Germany they deliver Fresh Fruits and Veggies to offices and Homes. We were appointed to handle their Digital aspect of the business. We developed their awesome website, worked on SEO and Digital Marketing.


We were assigned the project from scratch. So we have to handle all aspects of SEO. Biggest challenge was to bring organic traffic that we did through ranking keywords on Google. We helped the business grow its digital footprint and attract more clients.Our main target was to boost the company’s sales by generating more traffic and bringing in more revenue.


As a result of our rigorous optimisation for Daily Fresh, their website boosted its ranking on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages, leading to increased organic traffic. As a result of our efforts, we provided the net revenue for Daily Fresh of €100,000 in the first 6 months of their launch with us. In addition to the revenue, there was also an increase in the clients coming into the business, with TechDot Solutions bringing in 65 corporate clients for the business due to their efforts. Additionally, as a result of our extensive efforts, we were able to increase the website’s bounce rate to 54.75 % and the total traffic to 77,146.