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Daily Fresh
Daily Fresch


Daily Fresh is a fruit and vegetables delivery business. Working offline for a decade and when they decided to go online they chose TechDot Solutions. Based out in Germany they deliver Fresh Fruits and Veggies to offices and Homes. We were appointed to handle their Digital aspect of the business. We developed their awesome website, worked on SEO and Digital Marketing.


When we took charge of this project, the social media presence of Positive Prime was low. Additionally, the brand’s social media accounts were lying dormant, with there being a lack of activity related to user engagement and user interactivity with the accounts. Our main challenge was to help kickstart the social media accounts for the business, attract more users to their social media pages, and generate more business leads.


Being in charge of the social media for Daily Fresh, our responsibilities included analyzing our competitors in order to come up with the best strategy, creating campaigns to boost the online presence of Positive Prime on several platforms, developing the content needed to create engaging posts on all social media platforms, and interacting with and responding to user queries.