We present

Babu Restaurant


Babu Restaurant is a Desi Restaurant offering all the Pakistani Traditional cuisines. Providing a cultural touch in its environment, it specializes in BBQ and Biryani. It's a go to place for every desi foodie.


Babu Restaurant had a low social media presence when we took over this project. Furthermore, the restaurant’s social media accounts were inactive, with no quality posts related to user engagement or interaction. Our main challenge was helping kick-start the business’s social media accounts, attracting more customers, and creating recognition through UGC. As a part of our campaign, we targeted engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


Managing BABU’s social media included analyzing our competitors to develop the best strategy, developing campaigns to boost Babu’s online presence across several platforms, and interacting with and responding to users. Our team researched over 20+ different restaurants from the same city. This offered us a substantial amount of information that was necessary to devise an effective strategy for the business. As a result of our efforts, the social media platforms for Babu Restaurant gained a substantial online presence